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Search Marketing

We Drive Hundreds Of New Calls Each Month To Home Service Businesses

You need high quality leads that turn into jobs. You also need your business to project the right image.
To accomplish these 2 objectives, we focus on:

  • Website Design
  • Reputation
  • SEO
  • Paid Search - Google & Bing
  • Google Local Search Results (Maps)
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Remarketing
All of the above on both mobile and desktop

Exclusivity - One business type by market area. We do not compete with ourselves anywhere.

In each of these areas of digital marketing we have a well developed strategy for home service businesses. 

Let's spend some time together. Please call us or use our contact form and set up a time. We'll spend about 30 minutes together on a call. During this time I will share:

  • Results and how we track them
  • Pricing
  • What you should expect

If it makes sense after this initial call, we'll set up another time to go into more depth. You will not be asked to sign up during the 30 minute call. There is no annoying sales pressure. 

A Case Study

Pictured above is the call volume chart by month of a brand new home service business in a small market. The top line shows the number of calls from the website. The bottom line shows the number of calls from Google Maps and other local directories. (To get the total number of calls to this business you need to add the 2 numbers together.)

This chart is very helpful in understanding the timeline of a new search marketing campaign. Look at the top line from the beginning to about November. This growth is all from paid ads. SEO takes time but we can make the phone ring quickly with Google paid search.

In December, we are starting to rank in Google and call volume grows rapidly in the months that follow. This is free organic traffic from Google driving results higher. 

Now take a look at the bottom line. Very few calls for several months. Right around January that changes. The listing for this business becomes visible in Google Maps for major keywords and call volume shoots up.

The result of this campaign is that 1 year from start-up, this home service business is getting over 250 calls per month. (You won't believe the cost per call. Give us a call and we'll tell you.)

Call now to schedule your 30 minute call.

Where our customers are located

Most people look at location when choosing a pest control company or roofer  or other home service business. When they really should be looking for the best plumber or roofer! This is just as true with search marketing.

Choose the best search marketing company for your business and don't limit your choice because of location. Where our customer is located in relation to us is not correlated with the amount of leads we are able to generate.

Find the best search marketing company for your business! Not the closest!

Call us now and learn if we are the right company for you!

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