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We recently had a meeting with a potential customer. We had just completed a presentation and she asked about results. She wanted to know how many calls she would get each month. We had permission from another customer, who had launched 3 months prior, to share their results. The 2 companies were in the same industry but were in two different metro areas.

I read her the monthly results directly from the report. She said, "I don't believe you." I was surprised and said, "No, these are the results." I read the results again, "471 calls and they spent $11,076.55 between Google and our management fee. This works out to a cost per call of $23.51. "She said again, in very friendly tone, "I don't believe you. You just need to understand that." I laughed and thanked her for her honesty. I really shouldn't have been as surprised as I was.

For us, those results are commonplace. We have more than 70 accounts and nearly every one gets hundreds of calls per month. $23.51 is a good cost per call but we have other clients whose cost per call is less. She shared with us that she tried other SEM companies and had not done well. She used a big National Brand. Her experience with those companies is similar to ones I've heard before...not many calls. Despite not fully believing the reported numbers she signed on. I'll report her first months numbers when they come in.

Update: Her first month just ended. 198 calls and 6 emails. She referred to this as "you're magic." It's not but I can understand why she feels like that given her prior experience with search marketing companies!

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We've lost 7 customers in 9 years, 3 of which changed ownership. Each year our customer retention rate has been over 98%. Our employee retention rate is like this too. Relationships are important to us!

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